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Foot or Face Reflexology Session - Initial 75min 

Foot Reflexology Session - Follow up 1 hour

Reflexology therapy is a natural therapeutic hands on method based on the study of reflexes.  This map of reflexes on your feet relates to glands, organs and other part of the body.  Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology therapy can increase circulation, provide relaxation and stimulate your bodies natural healing process.  This session begins with a Himalayan and Lava salt foot soak prepping your feet for the therapeutic work.  It ends off with a foot massage including a optional handcrafted magnesium butter with warming cinnamon or cooling peppermint essence.

Face Reflexology Session - Follow up 1 hour $60

Facial Reflexology is a natural therapeutic hand and Dien Chen reflex tool treatment that works on multiple maps of the face.  The face has a vast network of blood vessels and nerves making face reflexology a therapeutic way to communicate with corresponding areas of the body.  In addition a face reflexology session will help give your complexion a younger, radiant glow leaving the skin to appear tighter, smoother and plumper over a series of treatments. Hot towels and a pick of optional handcrafted herbal face masks and serums will help you melt with therapeutic relaxation. The option to purchase tools to continue your skin and therapeutic treatment at home, makes this a uniquely beneficial session. 

Reflexology Therapy

 Some Benefits of Reflexology

• Reduced stress
• Improved relaxation
• Released tension
• Decreased pain
• Improved body function
• Enhanced wellness
• Increased strength
• Increased mo


Reflexology Add on for Repeat Clients


Ear Seed Application 10min


Ear Reflexology Session 30min

Add a 30 minute reflexology session to the ear.  The ear being a microsystem of the entire body will be massaged helping to relieve tension and stimulating  reflex pressure points. The option to add ear seeds to the end of this session will allow you to continue the benefits of reflexology in between treatments.  1 - 2 beautiful decorative ear seeds included in your protocol.

Hand Reflexology 30mins

Add a 30 minute reflexology session to the hands.  This therapeutic, non invasive treatment applies pressure to a map of reflexes corresponding to glands, organs and parts of the body.  It can be customized for specific health conditions.  Receive a hand card for points to continue the benefits of reflexology in between treatments.  Hot towels and a optional handcrafted magnesium butter will leave your hands feeling so soft and relaxed.  


Combo Reflexology Treatment 75mins 

This reflexology treatment has a little bit of all the reflexology treatments provided at Pure Alternative.  Following the indications found through reflexes and symptoms we work reflexes starting on the face and ears working down through hands and feet.  

White Earring
Pressure Points

When you come in browse our little store


Handcrafted Herbal Wellness Products

Soothing Salve - Skin Irritation Relief

Relaxing Rub - Muscle Rub

Healing Heat - Heat Bag
Temple Tamer - Headache Stick


Take a little Reflexology Home with You
Reflexology Tools

Toe Spacers/ foot bands
Ear Seeds

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